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One of the factors promoting successful teaching and learning within the field of LIS, is that of the availability of reference materials in local language. In recent years new publishing possibilities have encouraged more writers to contribute to the domain in their own languages, but much of the literature is published only in English.
要素の1つがLISの分野の中でうまくいっている教育と学習を促進して、現地語の参照の材料の有用性がそれがいますか? 近年、そのドメインにそれら自身の言語、しかし、たくさん寄付する可能性が、より多くの作家を奨励した文学の新しい出版は単に英語で発行されます。

In order to increase the range of local language materials available to trainers within our Network, a supporting Program for translation of literature has been included as part of our strategy for 2002.

The Local Language Materials Program has two strands; firstly one to translate books, and secondly one to translate other items, including papers and articles.
Local Language Materials Programには、2つのストランドがあります。 本を翻訳するまず第一に1、および書類と記事を含む他の項目を翻訳する第二に1。

In choosing books to recommend as texts for local language, four general sets of criteria were considered.
本 現地語のためのテキストとして推薦する本を選ぶ際に、一般的な4セットの評価基準は考えられていました。

The books should be of use to more than one Training Center, ideally to all Centers, and should be applicable to different course within the Centers. Therefore they should cover general topics and issues, rather than very specific topics.
一般性 本は、1Trainingのセンターと、そして、理想的なセンターズ皆の役に立つべきであり、センターズの中で異なったコースに適切であるべきです。 したがって、彼らは非常に特定の話題よりむしろ一般的な話題と問題を含むべきです。

It is important that the limited funds available should be used to provide books which are of demonstrable value and validity; this means well-known authors, reputable publishers, and, if possible, evidence from reviews etc. that the books are worth-while.
品質 利用可能な限られた資金が明白な値と正当性のものである本を提供するのに使用されるのは、重要です。 これは有名な作家、評判のよい出版社、およびレビューなどからの本は価値があるというできれば証拠を意味します。

In order to make investment worth-while, the books should be recently published. They should deal with general trends and issues, which will date slowly, rather than with technical material, or lists of specific resources, both of which will date quickly.
通貨 投資を価値があるようにするように、本は最近、発行されるべきです。 それらは一般的な傾向と技工物でというよりむしろ問題との取引、または特定のリソースのリストがそうするべきです。問題はゆっくりデートされるでしょう。その両方がすぐにデートされるでしょう。

In order to be acceptable and useful to a readership throughout the region, the books should take an 'international' outlook, rather than topics and examples from a single country or region, and they should show some appreciation of international perspectives.
観点 その領域中の購読者層に許容できて役に立つように、本は単一の国か領域から話題と例よりむしろ'国際的な'見通しを取るはずです、そして、彼らは国際的な視野の何らかの感謝を示しているべきです。

This gives seven more specific criteria which can be applied to the choice of books:
broad subject coverage
  • published in 2000 or 2001
  • deal with general issues, rather than rapidly dating specifics
  • not include large extent of technical details or resource listings
  • written by well-respected authors and published by reputable publishers
  • received good reviews in the professional press
  • international viewpoint

  • これは本の選択に適用できる7つのより特定の評価基準を与えます: 広い対象の適用範囲

    On the basis of these criteria, the following four books were suggested:
    Peter Brophy
    The library in the twenty-first century; new services for the information age Library Association, London, 2001, 219 pages, isbn 1-85604-375-4

    David Nicholas
    Assessing Information Needs: Tools and Techniques (2nd edition) Aslib, London, 2000, 120pages, isbn 0-85142-433-3

    Christine L Borgman
    From Gutenberg to the Global Information Infrastructure; access to information in the networked world MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 2000, 324 pages, isbn 0-262-02473-X

    Peter Clayton and G.E. Gorman
    Managing information resources in libraries: collection management in theory and practice Library Association, London, 2001, 272 pages, isbn 1-85604-297-9

    Cost constraints necessitated that a limited number of local languages could be chosen for translation. Russian and Serbo-Croatian were agreed upon from the perspective that these languages would address the largest audiences. Translation of the books is being handled by:

    Yana Genova
    Next Page Foundation
    29 A, Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd.
    1000 Sofia

    Tel/Fax: +359 2 43 97 27

    Once the translations are complete, several copies in relevant language will be made available to our Training Centers.

    Christine L Borgman's book has already been translated into Croatian, and so therefore our Program will only support a Russian version. Details of the Croatian version are:

    "Od Gutenbergova izuma do globalnog informacijskog povezivanja: pristup informaciji u umrježenom svijetu".

    Editors: Public Library Zadar and Edition Benja, Lokve
    Translation: Koraljka Golub, Zadar, Lokve 2002.

    Other Works
    In November 2001, Training Center managers were invited to submit items to the Local Languages Materials Program. All suggestions had to be accompanied by copyright agreement for translation from the author and/or publisher.

    The following works were selected from the Centers listed below:

    Montenegro (contact Jelena ミurovic)

    Tax Choldin M, 2001
    What every librarian should know about intellectual freedom: a personal view.
    IFLA Journal 27 (3) 152-158
    (English to Serbian, available now)

    Byrne A, 2000
    Towards a world of free access to information and freedom of expression.
    IFLA Journal 26 (4) 255-259
    (English to Serbian, available now)

    Newth M, 2000
    In honor of memory.
    IFLA Journal 26 (4) 260-263
    (English to Serbian, available now)

    Froehlich TJ, 2000
    Intellectual freedom, ethical deliberation and codes of ethics.
    IFLA Journal 26 (4) 264-272
    (English to Serbian, available now)

    Lithuania (contact Jurgita Rudzioniene)
    IFLA Section on Public Libraries, 2001
    Public Library Service: IFLA/UNESCO Guidelines for Development.
    IFLA Publication 97, KG Saur
    (English to Lithuanian, available June 2002, Vilnius University)

    Johansen CG and Pors NO, 2002
    Udfordringer og forandringer: Ledelse, organisation og kvalitet I biblioteker.
    [Challenges and changes: Leadership, organisation and quality in libraries].
    Danmarks Biblioteksforening (Danish Library Association)
    (Danish to Lithuanian, available February 2003, Klaipeda University)

    Hoel IAL, 1999
    Bevaring af documenter.
    [Conservation and preservation of documents].
    (Danish to Lithuanian, available January 2003, Klaipeda University)

    IFLA Study Group on the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records, 1998
    Functional requirements for bibliographic records: final report
    KG Saur
    (English to Lithuanian, available July 2002, Lithuanian National Library)

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